The Council Of Trustees Of The Mandir, here-in known as “The Trust”, is the permanent body of the Mandir constituted to act as the custodians of the property, to safeguard the vision & religious direction and to ensure the smooth administration of the Mandir. The Trust meets twice a year and had the mandate to monitor the general operation of the Mandir, review the annual plan, approve the budget and ensure stable administration. Presently we have fifty (50) Trustees. To manage the affairs of the Trust, a chairman, a vice-chairman and a secretary, are elected for a term of six (6) years, to facilitate its working of the Mandir. RESPONSIBILITY AND AUTHORITY OF THE TRUST -Ensure sound fiscal management & approve the budget prior to adoption by the AGM.
  • Act as trustees of the property and review / approve property related decisions.
  • Review & approve annual plans to ensure consistency with the mission & vision.
  • Ensure stability, balanced nominations and fair election process for the Board.
  • Appoint Nomination Committee, Election Commissioners and Appeal Board.