Trust Elections

Since the term of the current executives of the Trust will be expiring on September 30th, we have been mandated to conduct the election for the three trust executive positions, namely Chairman, Vice Chairman and the Secretary.

If you are interested in holding any of these positions for the next five years, please send us an email at, indicating which position you wish to hold. The last date for expressing your interest in holding any of these positions is September 15th, 2017. We will publish names of the candidate for each post on 18th of September. If there are more than one candidates for a given post, then an election will be held on September 23rd, at the end of the normal Trust meeting. Voting will be by secret ballot.

Those Trustees who can not vote in person, are entitled to vote by proxy or through a duly designated representative. These proxies must be received by September 20th, (three days before the meeting according to the By-laws). Proxies can be sent by email at


Satish Chawla, Virendra Jha, Naren Raja
Election Commissioners